Dr. Henry H. Chan Excellence Scholarships

The Dr. Henry H Chan Excellence Scholarships were created by his family to honor his commitment and appreciation to the Kaiser South Sacramento medical center and its staff. Dr. Chan dedicated his life to medicine and the Kaiser South Sacramento anesthesia department and medical center played essential roles in his joy of learning and desire to help others.

“No challenge, adversity, or setback will ever pass by Henry Chan without being an opportunity to benefit and grow. Not only does he meet every morning with a smile and positive attitude, but he also embraces challenges and difficult situations with passion and eagerness, even after a 48 hour shift. ‘The Dr. Chan Class’ should be a requirement for all new hires, all new students. It would discuss how to embrace your career and your life with all the compassion, appreciation, gentleness, and kindness that one could embody.” – Kris Alison Hunt


(Left to right):  Bryson Doctolero is a graduate of Monterey Trail High School where he competed in track and field and discovered his passion for photography.  He will attend California State University, Sacramento and his career goal is to be a nurse practitioner.  His mother, Amelita, is a phlebotomist at Kaiser South Sacramento.  Madelyn Dong graduated from Christian Brothers High School.  Her extracurricular activities included student government, Girl Scouts, and starting her own eco-friendly candle-making business.  She will attend UC Santa Barbara and major in psychology.  Her father, Rob, is an anesthesiologist who worked with Dr. Chan.  Sofia Engott is a graduate of Granite Bay High School where she was involved in student government, 4H, band, and cross country.  She will attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study liberal studies and earn her teaching credential.  Her mother, Elaine, worked with Dr. Chan as a nurse anesthetist.  All of our scholars embodied Dr. Chan’s commitment to excellence and served their communities through numerous volunteer activities.  

Dr Henry Chan holding a birthday cake

More about Dr. Chan

Dr. Henry H. Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1962. Like many individuals in the United States, he immigrated to a whole new country, culture, and life when he came to California as a teenager. He amusedly would say that the dictionary was his personal English tutor since he would read it cover to cover day after day. He soon mastered the curriculum and graduated high school with honors. This dogged determination followed him throughout his journey as a Regents Scholar at UCLA undergraduate and medical school. After residency, Dr. Chan made the wise decision to join Kaiser Permanente in 1993.

From there on, Dr. Chan dedicated his life to his patients, colleagues, and the medicine of healing others. He was an unwavering support to his Kaiser Permanente community and equally cherished every member of his team. More often than not, you could find him camped out at his desk studying yet another new topic or in the overnight call room after his third call in a row. Even as a practicing physician, Dr. Chan continued to bask in the challenge of it all. So in 2002, he attended law school while working full-time and graduated valedictorian to become a licensed attorney. This love of learning and his pride in helping others were the main driving forces of his life.

When he retired from The Permanente Medical Group in 2021 after 28 years of exemplary service, Dr. Chan received a commendation from the California State Senate in recognition of his numerous professional achievements and service to his patients, colleagues, and community.

This scholarship is dedicated to an individual who continued to tackle the seemingly impossible with his never ending energy. Dr. Henry H. Chan was incredibly proud to serve his community as a physician and his family is proud to sponsor the Dr. Henry H. Chan Excellence Scholarship. We welcome any eligible student to apply because, just like Dr. Henry Chan, anyone can strive for and can achieve greatness.

“One of my earliest memories of Henry was back when I first started here almost 11 years ago. Weekend trauma backup was in full swing and I had been assigned a Saturday in October that conflicted with a prior commitment. Henry said he could help me, but only if I gave him my Thanksgiving shift as well. I was confused but agreed to his demand. Was this a trick? Did I just screw myself? Of course not. I was simply the latest recipient of Henry’s incredible generosity and selflessness. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years, but probably the most important lesson he taught me (and all of us) is that you can be of service in a myriad of ways if you choose to be. Henry always chooses to be. We are all the better because of it.” – Mukesh Sahu