Beginning in 2000, Serotonin Surge Charities has awarded college scholarships to high school seniors whose parents are members of the Kaiser Permanente family in the Roseville, Sacramento, and South Sacramento service areas.  These young women and men embody the best of who we are and what we aspire to be.  The first thirteen classes were called Maggi Carlile Scholars in memory of the daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Tony and Juli Carlile.  In 2014 the awards were renamed the Serotonin Surge Thrive Scholarships.

Thrive Scholars

2019 Thrive Scholarship Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Thrive Scholarship. Applicants must be graduating senior children of Kaiser Permanente or TPMG employees in the Capital Service Area (Roseville, Sacramento, South Sacramento and their associated clinics). This scholarship is merit based  and approximately 12 applicants will be chosen to win a one-time award of $1000.  Given the deep talent pool of the young men and women in the Kaiser Permanente family, we receive a generous number of applications from “high achieving” students.  That being said, our selection committee looks not only for absolute achievement but also considers the distance traveled and obstacles overcome along the way.  The application form is relatively brief.  First, we need your contact information, some basics about your academic performance, and copies of your high school transcript and test scores.  Second we want to learn about your extracurricular activities and education and/or career goals.  Finally, we give you the opportunity to write a brief essay about benevolence or resilience.  The scholars will be selected in March and along with two guests will be invited to attend an awards dinner on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019.

Please click here for the scholarship application.  The deadline for returning your completed application is February 14th, 2019.

For questions, please contact Tina Szura at tina.szura@kp.org or 530-757-4121.

2018 Thrive Scholars:  Front row L to R:  Katherine Stenger (Christian Brothers HS, UC Berkeley); Sabina Mahavni (Granite Bay HS, UC Berkeley); Allison Mayes (Casa Roble Fundamental HS, Louisiana College); Isabel Nguyen (Christian Brothers HS, UC San Diego); Julia Roberts (Folsom HS, UC Berkeley).  Back row L to R:  Matthew Hashimoto (Tokay HS, UC San Diego); Carson Flamm (Mira Loma HS, Vanderbilt); Vyas Srinivasan (Granite Bay HS, Sacramento State); Ava Soesbe (Rio Americano HS, UC Santa Barbara); Grace Babo (Capital Christian HS, Oral Roberts); Meera Chakrabarti (Del Oro HS, Duke); Samuel Frank (Del Oro HS, Princeton).


2017:  Gabrielle Zegers, Anjali Shrivastava, Melanie Wilson, Marissa Wong, Jessica Yeung, Neomi Parikh, Camille Locke, Remeuel Dupree, Sofia Hartman, Ayana Watkins, Vijay Srinivasan, Camryn Good, Allison Robinson.

2016:  Ivy Liu, Kelly Sheffield, Sophie Huang, Kristi Capello, Sarita Brown, Kymani Smith, Sydney Vallee, Catherine Dugoni, Ganesh Giri, Vamsee Gangaram, Tanner Adams, Lauren Posey, Ryan Cerny.

2015: Zachery Hertz, Megan Odell, Hanna Hertz, Jordan Fox, Kylie Fong, Sonia Leca, Peyton Van Riper, Nebyu Yonas, Anika Mahavni, Madelyn Frank, Annina Hanlon, Sabrina Yum-Chan, Wesley Kao, Uma Desai, Moses Wolfe-Polgar.

2014:  Allyn Margret Tabunda, Shane Green, Zaria Watkins, John Bovill, Eric Gylling, Marisa Rosales, Cortnie Meier-Welch, Samir Khan Townsley, Kenji Anzai, Kaitlyn Vitangcol, Martina Penalosa, and Ramandeep Singh.

2013:  Josephine Jang, Kelly Jiang, Josephine Kao, Camille Andre, Julia Dasen, Alison Vogelsang, Chelsea Finch, Nick Paiva, Brad Wong, Andrew Towery, Andrew Keane, Mitchell Rosenberg, Gokul Asokan, Kristopher Jolly, Natalie Serdahl.

2012:  Jennifer Wirt, Katie Sobeck, Mallory Barnes-Ohlson, Ellie Haugen, Julianna Struthers, Ravi Sharma, Madeline Ochi, Lindsey Wong, Rachael Vasquez, Vineeth Gangaram, Kevin Shi, Logan Thomsen, Jordan Gilles, Kunal Marwaha, Spencer Cho.

2011: Andrew Chen, Dominic DeMarco, Nikita Desai, Stephanie Golahi, Dorothy He, Dayna Isaacs, Ade Jackson, Joyce Lau, Gina Messer, Shane Ransbury, Diana Raveica, Thomas Weber, Stacey Wong.

2010: Pradhan Bhat, Samuel Bloom, Kathryn Bohn, Diane Browne, Corinne Johnston, Joshua Klem, Casey Leong, Emily Lipson, Gavin Moler, Matthew O’Brien, Teresa Palkowski, Cameron Santo, Sharonya Shrivastava

2009: Joshua Bardet, Christina Chow, Rachel Gyorffy, Matthew Jaehn, Alan Le, Robyn Leong, Julia Nguyen, Daniel O’Brien, Tegan Schmidt, Jeffrey Tamaru, Abigail Weber, Elaine West, Yssa Yap

2008: Tyler Chuck, Katie Dailey, Elaine FitzGibbon, Michelle Gloster, Rachel Gutmann, Katherine Henka, Lisa Inouye, Jaron Moler, Alyssa Ransbury, Emily Schoenhoff, Brooke Stevens, Laura Stewart, Brian Wong

2007: Rebecca Bobell, Christina Jenson, Janet Jin, Tyler Kern, Rachel Koh, Shemsa Morkoch, Rebecca Prock, Anthony Puccinelli, Sarah Rawls, Kyle Rimando, Emily Ross, Daniel Schwarz

2006: Lucy FitzGibbon, Brian Friederich, Shawnibr Gogia, Daniel Hart, Rachel Haynes, Shannon Kendal, Kaitlyn Kelly-Reif, Christine Lee, Colleen Lenahan, Keith Lui, Derek McCoy, Kevin Okimura, Keith Schwarz

2005: Jenny Calert, Jenna Chandler, Hannah Edber, Janelle Gyorffy, Jasmina Hamidovic, Susan Harris, Halsey Jakle, Alicia Kidd-Gonzales, Matthew Koh, Christina Maddox, Jason Patel, Jeremy Whiting, Krystine Yu

2004: Timothy Bardet, Samantha Berman, Jeffrey Blair, Anne Chang, Wendy Chiong, Gina DiGusto, Leslie Jacobe, Kimberly Halpin, Lesli Huey, Brian Inouye, Melissa Kirkpatrick, Kristen Palchak, Matthew Traub

2003: Henry Adams, James Astorga, Angela Bartholomew, Adrian Dokey, Mark Evans, Mariko Ferronato, Leah Fine, Terrence Frink, Ryan Hunter, Dana Leong, Charles Rayner, Rajan Sonik

2002: Melissa Allison , Emily Blodget, Caitlin Buggy, Matthew Cropp, Ryan Cummings, Nicole Gomez, Kevin Lui, Elisabeth Turner, Gina Warren, Erin Webb

2001: Eleanor Branch, Corey Cox, Binh Dao, Maureen Kiley, Edward Rayner, Julie Snider, Sonia Sonik, Ashley Svardal, Bethany Williams, Kimberly Yee

2000: James Blomo, Kyle Booterbaugh, Ravinder Gogia, Julie Green, Kilianne Kostlan, Brent Locsin, Bret Loughridge, Kellie Moorison, Eric Ostrem, Carolynn Rosales, Raven Schultz, Katy Steer, John Talaga.